Use a Chia Network blockchain database snapshot to speed up initial full node synchronization

The Chia Network uses a sort of distributed database (i.e. blockchain). This is a way to store the database in a non-decentralized way. However to make use of the database a local snapshot is used by the Chia client. The local snapshot is done by downloading each entry from the blockchain and then compiling it to a local file.

This allows anyone to bootstrap the network and get started immediately. However the initial sync will take a long time, minimum hours by more probably days or even weeks in the future. This can be frustrating, but thankfully can be sped up by downloading a snapshot of a local database. This can be downloaded and copied to the local client directory to speed up getting a new installation of Chia up and running. You should use a trusted copy from your own instances or from another reliable source - not some random page on the internet!

If you have access to a fully synched working known-to-be-reliable node you can copy and use the database from there (~/.chia/mainnet/db/blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite) and use it as a seed for your non-synched installations. This would be the ideal solution, but if you don't have such a source continue reading.

Download a database snapshot file

This site hosts a snapshot of the local database a Chia full node. In late May 2021 the size of the snapshot was around 2GB when compressed. The snapshot is refreshed every six hours. Use it as follows:

There is no malicious intent here as this is just a dump of the node that I use to speed up new installs. That said, please use at your own risk. There are no guarantees. Trust no one, especially no-one that is selling you a Chia GPU plotter for Bitcoin. Have a nice day!